Computers, we use them every day. To check our mails, play games, do homework. We used them so much that, sometime, we forget that they are like car and that they may broke, suddenly, without warning, and this normally happen when you have something important to do.

Now, your computer does not boot anymore. What can you do? Reinstall Windows? It will take hours with the time required to reinstall all your drivers and required apps. And if you don't know how to do it, you will have to bring it to the computer store. But, it may be closed or they may have too much computer to repair and you will have to wait several days.

It would be easier to repair it automatically whit the press of a button or by connecting an USB drive, no?

Well, that is exactly what I am offering you. A small software that can help you automatically repair and reinstall your Windows installation. And as a bonus, it can do all that without deleting your personal data. And if you can't wait to complete the recovery process, you can still access your files off-line to copy them to an USB drive so you can continue working on another computer.

But be warned! This solution is not made to do full system backup. Rather, it has been made to allow you to bring back your Windows installation to the working state it was when the recovery image was made. If you made it 6 month ago, you will have to reinstall everything that changed since then. The only exception here is under Windows 8 that supports custom "Refresh" point, which is a custom recovery point for your Windows installation.

Also, this recovery image must be done during a new installation of Windows. If Windows is already installed on your computer, you won't be able to create the recovery image. Still, you can download my program and the next time you will reinstall your computer (or a friend's computer), you will be able to create the recovery partition for future use.

Oh! And the best thing here is that it is free!

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